TIAO Puppies Recharge

The Challenge

How do you create big impact within a limited timeframe? Alphabet® had 30 minutes to showcase ourselves to a conference of tourism industry professionals – amongst a dozen other companies vying for the same eyeballs. As a networking break sponsor of the 2016 TIAO Conference in Ottawa, we had to quickly and effectively prove that we‘re the Alpha Dogs of the industry.

The Solution

Puppies should always be the solution. Working with a local breeder in support of Safe Pet Ottawa, we created the ultimate Recharging Station, with charging ports for visitors’ devices, and three furry friends for recharging visitors themselves. As an addedƒ bonus, conference attendees had their photos taken while they snuggled Husky and Shiba Inu puppies – while meeting team Alphabet® up close and personal.

This provided a simple way to create a lasting impression and garner new connections beyond the conference.

The Results

Alphabet® has broadened our reach and positioned ourselves as an industry leader in tourism marketing. After the event, we received a significant increase in traffic to alphabetcreative.com, and made valuable connections with conference attendees interested in working with Alphabet® in the future.

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