We’re an integrated branding consultancy.

We partner with our clients to uncover the truth of their brand, then help them integrate, execute, and live that truth throughout their entire organization.

Your brand is more than a logo.

If we’ve learned anything more than 20 years into this company, it’s that a brand isn’t just a polished PNG. It’s an ethos. A truth. A story that can’t be created but uncovered. And once it is, it can be your strongest tool for positively impacting your business, communities, customers, and industry.

How we work.

Relentlessly curious

The more we know, the more we can solve. The greater our impact.

Obsessed with change

We share your passion for the bigger picture and take an integrated approach to achieve it.


If it’s difficult, it must be important. We help shoulder the weight to clarify the complex.

Committed to excellence

You deserve a quality experience from start to finish. We work hard to earn our keep.

We’ve helped a range of clients.
How can we help you?

Tourism HR Canada
Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries
City of Kingston
Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
Travel Nunavut
Tourism Kingston
Tourism Industry Association of Canada
Egg Farmers of Canada
Vancouver Island Construction Association
The Royal
Kingston Accommodation Partners
Canadian Parents for French
Winnipeg Construction Association
Radio Advisory Board of Canada
Perley Health
Ottawa Tourism
Canadian Construction Association
Terra 20
Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada
The Ottawa Hospital
Canadian Real Estate Association
Cryostasis Inc.
Railway Association of Canada
Canadian Blood Services
Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists
Culinary Tourism Alliance
Electricity Canada
Parque Das Aves
Kingston Economic Development
Minto Communities
Regional Tourism Organization 9
Makatew Workshops
Hydro Ottawa

Our network.

Tourism Industry Association of Canada
Tourism Industry Association of Ontario
Optima Imaging
Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada
Indigenous Tourism Ontario
Search Warrant
Vector Media
Twenty 31
N-VisionIT Interactive
Interactive Advertising Bureau
Untold Storytelling

Amazing work.