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Flipping over Rocks

Ask Tony Lyons to share a fond memory of growing up in Ireland, and he might tell you about the mudflats. About how, as a kid, he’d watch shorebirds turn over stones to get at the worms beneath – an image that stuck.

Like those Turnstone birds (albeit less stocky), Tony’s been flipping over rocks for more than 30 years. As a leader in brand communications, he’s passionate about uncovering the mystery of creativity and solving some of its most common challenges.

Now, Tony’s bringing the same wonder that’s propelled his career to guide conversations with scientists, educators, and psychologists alike. How are we hardwired to respond to creativity? How can we shape our creative work to resonate?

For Tony, there’s always a stone to be upturned.

Welcome to Flipping over Rocks Podcast. It’s time to get curious.

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Episode 1: Emotional connections in the emotional brain

In our inaugural episode, Tony joins Dr. Zul Merali, neuroscientist and founding director of the Brain and Mind Institute at the Aga Khan University, to explore high-level brain concepts and how they affect our decision-making.

Episode 2: How does the brain process creative feedback?

In Episode 2, Tony speaks with child and family therapist Brogan Van to learn how, as creative professionals, we can develop resilience, understanding, and confidence in sharing our creative opinions and rationales.

Episode 3: Can you lose your ability to be creative?

In Episode 3, Tony and Dr. Hymie Anisman, neuroscientist and psychology professor, explore an occurence we’re all prone to: creative block. Learn how stress can affect our ability to be creative – both negatively and positively.

Episode 4: How creative messaging can elicit an emotional response

In Episode 4, Tony has a casual conversation with Dr. Alfonso Abizaid, neuroscientist and recipient of the Governor General Medal for his PhD work. What factors influence our behaviours? How do marketers leverage these factors? Tony digs in.

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