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Amplify Your Advocacy Efforts With Zembaly™

Canada has its work cut out.

From the climate emergency to food insecurity, labour shortages, gender inequity, and the housing crisis – to name a few – we’re facing mountainous challenges nationwide.

The good news? People across the country are endlessly advocating for change. We see it all the time – in the news, on the Hill, on social media.

But with so many voices vying to influence people in power, how can anyone break through the noise?

This is a question routinely shared among our clients in the third sector, including national and local non-profits, associations, and other, member-based organizations – each with its own agenda.

It’s an ongoing challenge to effectively engage elected officials on issues that matter. It takes a groundswell to impact change.

After more than two decades supporting our clients’ advocacy efforts, we saw an opportunity to bridge a gap in the online-advocacy market. The few platforms that existed were either restrictive in functionality or priced solely for heavy campaigning.

So, as a brand consultancy with specialized digital expertise, we built a new solution, one that would help organizations big and small more easily rally their supporters, connect their message to policy influencers, and, ultimately, amplify their voice.

Meet Zembaly, the easiest way to power change

Zembaly is a one-way communications tool that makes online advocacy easier than ever. With a few clicks, you can create, share, and track the performance of online advocacy campaigns, connecting your audience or members to federal and provincial government.

Zembaly solves some of the most common pain points associated with online advocacy. It empowers you to create change intuitively and conveniently. Here are a few examples of how the platform works for you.

Powerful customization

Other platforms offer limited functionally when building a campaign. Zembaly lets you visually customize more elements of your landing pages, further connecting your message to your brand. As well, you can set an expiration date, preview your campaigns for proofing or approval pre-launch, and easily run bilingual campaigns in both official languages.

An extension of your team

Not every organization has an advocacy or government-relations department. If you’re a small or mid-sized organization, Zembaly gives you a strategic advantage. It empowers you to swiftly mobilize support for your cause and get your message across with little demand on resources.

Tiered pricing

Some advocacy platforms can be expensive or exclusively subscription-based. Zembaly offers pay-per-use and subscription-based pricing, accommodating teams of all sizes. As well, the custom Enterprise plan is great for large organizations, like associations, that tackle multiple issues both federally and provincially.

Member engagement

Speaking of associations, it can be difficult, at times, to get your boards or chapters to advocate for big-picture issues. But every voice matters in ladering pressure up the Hill. With Zembaly, you can set up campaigns on behalf of your members – tailored to applicable provinces and representative types (including Senators, MPs, and MPPs) – making it easy for them to contribute to the groundswell.

Or, give your members their own version of Zembaly, a white-labeled tool to launch campaigns for issues closer to home. That’s added value when it comes time to renew their membership.

You’ve got a Hill to climb

We built Zembaly to put power in the hands of those who need it. Whether you’re a national association or grassroots underdog, our platform does the heavy lifting for you, offering a simpler, more flexible way to advance your cause in Canada.

Ready to fight the good fight? Learn more about Zembaly – including features like instant social media promotion and real-time campaign reporting.

Or, contact us today to discuss your specific advocacy needs. We’re ready when you are.