Tourism Relief Fund

The Government of Canada’s Tourism Relief Fund (TRF) gave nearly $500 million to hard-hit tourism businesses across the country, so they could modernize their offerings and thrive post-pandemic.

When Ottawa Tourism entrusted us with telling the stories of nine of Ottawa’s TRF recipients, we sprung to the challenge, fueled with pride for our city.


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The goal of the series was threefold: demonstrate the fund’s positive impact to government partners; highlight the importance of Ottawa Tourism’s destination development efforts; and promote some of the area’s new experiences to visitors.

With tourism being a people industry, it was doubly important to take a human approach. This was predicated on building a strong relationship with each business operator. First, we got to the heart of their unique vision, and any challenges they’ve experienced, to craft a compelling story. 

“Alphabet® was professional, knowledgeable, and understood our vision for the series, producing a high quality end product we’re really proud of.”

Kelly Haussler, Director, Destination Development, Ottawa Tourism

Then, we shone a light on the ambitious projects each business was able to operationalize with the TRF funding, why these projects matter, and the renewed sense of optimism they’ve inspired. A testament to Ottawa’s resilience and vibrancy.

Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm

Coconut Lagoon

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