Sparking Conversations About the Energy of Tomorrow

Following its launch in 2019, the thinkenergy podcast built an established audience and a recognizable brand. By 2021, it was time to scale its reach and amplify its impact.

Hydro Ottawa leaned on our branding expertise to re-energize the podcast. Working together, we dove deep into previous episodes to help guide future goals and objectives. A clear brand position emerged from the process, identifying thinkenergy as the podcast for conversations around the future of energy.


Hydro Ottawa




Audio editing

Brand identity

content strategy


creative strategy

graphic design

Positioning strategy

Promotional Assets

video production

web design

With a new logo lockup and tagline, plus a new promotional strategy and redesigned landing environment, thinkenergy has the power to engage and educate listeners all across Canada. It stands out as a go-to source for change and innovation in the energy sector, while the brand’s connection to Hydro Ottawa reinforces trust and credibility.

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