Bringing the Royal Under One Roof

The Challenge

“The Royal” has traditionally meant The Royal Ottawa Hospital, a collection of buildings in a single location where dedicated staff treat people struggling with mental illness.
But today’s Royal also includes the University of Ottawa’s Institute of Mental Health Research and the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health – branches that conduct ground-breaking mental health research and fund mental health initiatives.
The Royal needed a single brand to help staff embrace the big picture of their mission in the community and to present a single face to all of The Royal’s audiences.

The Solution

Alphabet® worked with The Royal to develop a comprehensive brand platform and messaging architecture.

This involved:

  • Meeting with stakeholders in The Royal’s three branches to gain a thorough understanding of the organization and its roles
  • Acquiring The Royal domain name, and building a website that encompasses all of The Royal’s activities and addresses all of its audiences
  • Crafting brand marketing messages and collateral

The Results

The Royal now has a single identity for all of its functions. Employees better understand their mission, and the public is aware of the Royal’s three focus areas and how they work together to contribute to the overall mental health of the community.