Perley Health

With a history dating to 1897, the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre (the “Perley”) has long been an exemplar of compassionate care for Veterans and Seniors.


Still, after more than a century of excellence, the not-for-profit’s brand, communications, and operational ecosystem had grown increasingly complex, confusing stakeholders and dwindling public awareness.

The Perley needed to unify its story. And with the needs of Seniors and Veterans rapidly shifting, it needed to position itself for future success. At Alphabet®, we were honoured to help pave the way.

brand strategy

Getting to the heart of things.

Brands should be uncovered, not built. Working with the Perley, we conducted stakeholder sessions across all levels to glean commonalities in who the organization was and who it wanted to be.

One truth permeated our findings: by breaking ground through applied research, by creating programs that support the entirety of a person (not just their physical ailments), and by sharing learnings with the greater community, the Perley is fundamentally transforming care.


working sessions


stakeholders consulted


key brand themes

naming + logo

Reimagining the Perley.

As a name, the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre had become a product of years of evolution and amalgamation. And while Veterans care will always be a priority, the name didn’t account for the many non-Veterans served, a number that will only grow as Canada’s population continues to age.


Compassion, Seniors + Veterans, Care


Progress, Innovation, Continuous Learning


Home, Community, Safety

Not only does the new name honour Perley Health’s past, it opens the door to a broader audience.

It’s a modern refresh that establishes a sense of industry, which in Perley Health’s case encompasses one’s physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual health.

As a form, the new logo is simple and optimized for digital environments. Like a community, it’s a collective of parts, a symbol of what’s possible when people come together.

brand architecture

More than healthcare.

The Perley has always meant many things to many people: a long-term care centre, a specialized Veterans unit, access to services like dentistry or dermatology, and even housing for independent Seniors.

Our research echoed this. We heard time and again that the organization is more than just a healthcare facility. It’s a community where care permeates every touchpoint. With this insight in hand, we simplified Perley Health’s complex ecosystem into a clear brand architecture.


visual identity

A bold new brand.

Perley Health exists to empower Seniors and Veterans to reach their full potential. To reflect this, the new visual identity needed to be vibrant and heartfelt.

We focused on joyful colour combinations to enliven the brand, a typeface that’s impactful yet approachable, and a photographic style that celebrates the people who call Perley Health home.


brand story

Crafting the story.

A new name, logo, and visual identity are only as good as the message they support. We uncovered the essence of a layered narrative and distilled it into an aspirational but authentic positioning statement. Building out detailed personas, we tailored key messages to help Perley Health share its story with the people who matter.

With a culture of collaboration, an endless appetite to improve, and an innovative new Centre of Excellence – all efforts within the organization pointed to something bigger: a better quality of life for Seniors and Veterans.

brand launch

Easing into change.

For an organization with more than 600 residents, 1,200 staff and volunteers, many invested donors and partners, and a century-old history – a new brand is a big deal. We equipped Perley Health with the collateral needed to explain the process and desired outcomes to internal and external stakeholders. We provided key messages and video assets for launch events, and developed an awareness campaign to introduce the brand to the world.

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