Electricity Canada

When Canada announced its plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, many wondered how those plans would come to fruition. As questions surfaced around the future of clean energy, Electricity Canada saw an opportunity to play a leading role.


Previously the Canadian Electricity Association, Electricity Canada wanted to clarify that it doesn’t just serve its members but advocates for the energy sector as a whole. When Alphabet® came on board, the association was already undergoing a rebrand, repositioning to better reflect its goal of ensuring Canadian electricity is some of the cleanest in the world.

But a rebrand was just the start.

If Electricity Canada was going to successfully elevate its influence, it needed to align its communications tools with its refined corporate strategy.

Knowledge is power.

Alphabet® was first tasked with helping Electricity Canada develop a custom digital knowledge centre.

As the national voice for Canada’s electricity sector, the association had been developing thought leadership content for years. Not only are these factual, sometimes years-in-the-making resources helpful for utilities and power generators, but they can be critical for policymakers. And that’s what was missing, getting this content into the hands of people in power, so they can make better-informed decisions around energy, carbon neutrality, and our planet’s future.

To bring this knowledge to the forefront, we needed to take a thoughtful approach.

Audit a fragmented content ecosystem

Segment by content type and category

Streamline the user experience

Centralize and disseminate

Now, the association’s wealth of insights are centralized and accessible – one user-friendly platform connecting government and energy professionals to the knowledge they need.

Leading the charge.

Next up: overhauling the entire Electricity Canada website, an exercise that’s never just a facelift.

Starting with a number of discovery sessions, we got to the root of the association’s strategic plan and vision. We did a deep dive into its learning programs and best practices. And we took a fine-toothed comb to the main website and adjacent microsites to grasp its full digital ecosystem. Only then could we determine how to reimagine its most important communications tool, ensuring all facets of the new web experience - public and member-facing - supported the bigger picture.

The result is a website that, like electricity itself, is cleaner and leaner, that reflects the new brand, and that champions the organization’s purpose through a clear hierarchy of messaging and structure.

view electricity.ca

As Canada continues its journey toward carbon neutrality, Electricity Canada will continue to accompany it as the voice for sustainable electricity. At Alphabet®, we’re honoured to support such a vital organization, and we look forward to our forthcoming initiatives.

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