Giving Life to CryoStasis

After 30 years of research and development, CryoStasis was ready to commercialize its ground-breaking science: a novel approach to cellular preservation with the potential to save millions of lives.

But introducing a new technology to the healthcare market isn’t easy. As a first step, CryoStasis needed to communicate the enabling nature of its technology. That meant engaging researchers and clinicians to peer review its science within their own applications.

To get these groups on board, we had to take a calculated approach to develop and introduce the brand.






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The CryoStasis logo is an ode to the company’s cold chain management process, which combines temperature, pressure, and liquid storage systems to safely preserve biological material for an unheard of length of time.

Writing and designing the new website was a delicate balancing act. It was important to respect the fact that an overly embellished brand or overt marketing messages weren’t likely to resonate with the medical community. The final product establishes credibility but gets out of its own way. It lets the science speak for itself, all while toeing the line between the technical and aspirational.

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