Encouraging Canadians to Fulfill Their Raison D’Être

While the desire for parents to enroll their kids in the French curriculum is growing, the lack of French teachers is making it hard to keep up with demand. Canadian Parents for French wanted to inspire post-secondary students, teachers, and those pursuing a second career to consider teaching in French by highlighting how it can fulfill the passion which draws people to the profession in the first place.

We invited teachers—and Canadians as a whole—to reflect on their raison d’être and how a career teaching French could help fulfill it.


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Using French teachers of all experience levels, we shared personal stories about how this career path can be both professionally and personally rewarding. The first phase of the My Raison D’Être campaign has earned over 5 million impressions and brought more than 50,000 visitors to the teachinfrench.ca landing page.

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