Canadian Construction Association

Leading up to its 100th anniversary, the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) had lost its voice as the national authority for commercial construction in Canada.

Seen primarily as a resource for contracts and accreditation, CCA needed to recalibrate both its brand and communications to speak to its role not only as an advocate for its members, but for the vigour of the industry as a whole.

strategy & account planning

Breaking ground and laying the infrastructure.

Working with CCA’s new leadership team, we conducted a series of stakeholder sessions and workshops with all departments, as well as a dozen regional member associations, to dig out opportunities and challenges. This gave us a clear picture of the association’s ecosystem and perceived role and equity within the construction industry.

Insights in hand, we developed an aspirational, forward-thinking foundation to build on, with all the nuts and bolts in place: a new brand position, messaging architecture, tone of voice, and a renewed energy in the organization’s mission.

brand identity

A modern identity for
a modern industry.

Building on the new brand foundation, we created a visual identity that’s current and consistent across all of CCA’s sub-branches and platforms. Bold colours, a streamlined logo, and diverse photography all reflect the state of the industry as it is today: innovative and driven by technology.

Circle Motif
cca logo


A new brand is only as good as the marketing program behind it. So, how did we bring CCA’s new brand story to life with internal and external audiences?

web development

A digital renovation.

We gave CCA's website, its most powerful communication tool, a complete Alphabet® overhaul – restructuring, redesigning and rebuilding more than 400 pages of content to reflect the new brand and deliver a better user experience. The result is an environment that’s not only modern and streamlined, but that better serves CCA’s members and the industry as a whole.

high -vis

experiential marketing

A birthday to remember: CCA on the Hill

Additionally, we equipped CCA with the messaging and collateral it needed to accurately tell its story to Canada’s government and policymakers, ushering the new brand into the world just in time for CCA's 100th birthday. That meant highlighting the imperative of diversity in construction, an industry employing 1.7M Canadians responsible for 7% of the country’s GDP. An industry that swings a heavy hammer, and deserves recognition.

We dressed a diverse group of actors – representing the demographic and ethnic diversity of the constructions industry’s workforce – in hi-vis clothing with a twist. Because, after all, construction labour and trades are only part of the story. An industry built on technology, innovation, and creativity – now that’s a story worth telling.

cca slide 1
cca slide 1
cca slide 1

Knocking down barriers.
Building momentum.

But if CCA was to truly own its position as a leader and advocate for change in Canada’s construction industry, we had to address the biggest challenge facing the industry – a massive labour shortfall, and one that’s a demographic certainty; our aging population won’t be able to keep up with our ongoing labour needs – so we needed to get busy, and quickly.

creative strategy

Talent Fits Here Logo

Hardhats, hammers and heavy equipment. That’s the industry that comes to mind, but there’s more to construction than that. To help CCA bolster recruitment within an industry short of workers, we developed a campaign aimed at shifting public perceptions and demonstrating leadership to government bodies. Removing the scaffolding, we focused on people – their jobs, passions, and stories – to show construction for what it really is: an industry ripe with creativity, innovation, and opportunity. An industry where talent thrives.

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