A Better Way to Automate Your Building

As part of the Hydro Ottawa group of companies, Envari Energy Solutions brings a unique understanding of the energy landscape to help businesses, cities, and utilities cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

To market its new Building Automation Systems (BAS), Envari needed more than just an ad campaign. It needed to demonstrate its awareness of a building manager’s challenges and how its solutions provide greater control. And it needed to stand out.

For all the technical benefits to working with Envari, the real value is human. To express this, we connected common pain points along the customer journey to an emotional transformation. A better way to automate your building.


Envari Energy Solutions




content writing


creative direction

graphic design


video production

Collaborating with Envari’s sales leads and engineers, we developed a tailored messaging strategy to inform a number of communications tools, elevated by custom photography. From sales sheets to webinar content, we helped Envari reach its prospects with the right message at the right time.

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