Devon Kunkel VP, Technology & Innovation



Some of Alphabet®’s Favourite Ads

We see dozens, if not hundreds of ads every day – and while some go by unnoticed, others stay with us for a long time as a source of inspiration. Working at a creative shop means keeping our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of advertising, and we thought we’d share some of our all-time favourite ads that have stuck with us.

Mark Round

“My all time favorite was this ad for EDS, a consulting firm. I’ll bet more than a few of you will relate to this if you deal with clients much.”

Tony Lyons

“I’m going old school on this one – it’s a one off, and a blast from my youth. Oooh the sexual tension! It was very risque for 1980’s Ireland. It goes to show what a huge role advertising plays in the cultural psyche. Ask anybody over 40 in Ireland to ‘put a but o butter on the spuds André’  and you’ll get a guffaw. But the ad was really a deeper reflection on a changing Irish society – less insular, more proud … and a maybe just a little bit naughty”.

And I had to also include one of my favourite taglines of all time.

Emily Watkin

“My favourite ad is called the Guilt Trip for V/Line by McMann Melbourne”

Regan Mathurin

“My favourite commercial isn’t one commercial but a series of them. To me, the Coca-Cola polar bears signify the start of the Christmas season. The polar bears have been around in print since 1922 and became tv commercials (and seasonal product branding) in 1993.”

Mike Short

“I’ve always been a fan of Buckley’s “It tastes awful. And it works.” campaign. What I like about this campaign is that they don’t use an actor or model, it’s the president of the company delivering the message. They don’t use flowery wording or imagery to talk about the product.

The tagline could have easily been “It tastes awful, but it works.” – but Buckley’s doesn’t apologize. They emphasize that the taste isn’t the important aspect of the product – the important part is that it works.”