The Challenge

Instant Pot® is a Canadian engineered programmable electric cooker that combines several appliances in one, cooks food up to 70% faster, and promotes healthy eating. They needed to break through the clutter of small appliances and communicate to consumers that Instant Pot® eliminates the need for other kitchen tools. One Instant Pot® replaces the need for between 6 to 10 products. The smallest Instant Pot® includes a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and more at a comparable price point of a single-purpose appliance.


The Solution

When faced with a crowded shelf, consumers are often making their purchasing decisions based on price point. Alphabet® needed to catch the attention of customers and communicate the various aspects of Instant Pot® quickly while maintaining brand recognition across a collection of products.

To stand out, Alphabet® designed a clean, crisp package which clearly demonstrated all aspects of Instant Pot®. A bold, eye-catching colour palette of deep grey and bright fuschia was selected, and high-resolution images convey the wide variety of meals Instant Pot® can cook.

The Results

Instant Pot has established itself as America’s number one most trusted brand online, and its package design clearly communicates to consumers the ease in which Instant Pot® will change the way they cook at home.

In 2016, Instant Pot® sold over 215,0001 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cookers on Amazon’s Prime Day alone.

Instant Pot was also featured in TIME Magazine’s 10 of TIME’s Favourite Gifts in 20172.

We congratulate Instant Pot® on being both the #1 and #2 best selling small appliance on