Regan Mathurin

Chief Executive Officer


During her 20 years in the industry, Regan has amassed an impressive list of credentials, including being named one of the youngest media directors in Canada at the age of 25 and assuming an integral marketing role with one of the world’s largest apparel brands: Columbia Sportswear.

Working for Columbia, Regan became well versed in marketing, promotional, and retail strategy. She was also responsible for creating training tools and programming for the company’s retail partners – teaching employees to articulate the value of new product features and technologies. She possesses expertise in event planning and relationship building and understands the internal dynamics of large organizations as a result.

Regan’s experience both on the agency and client sides of the marketing equation ensures that she brings a well-rounded, holistic approach to her projects. Her vast experience with national and international campaigns in a variety of sectors including pharmaceutical, health care, travel and tourism, retail, not-for-profit, government, technology, and broadcast have allowed her to develop her comprehensive range of skills. Regan’s strong project management, relationship development, and interpersonal skills all complement her proven strengths within the advertising landscape.

As the CEO of Alphabet®, Regan directs structure, processes, business development, and strategic goals for the agency internally. Her expertise and deep knowledge of large-scale third-sector and B2C clients make Regan a strong leader when managing clients’ campaigns, strategic process development, and promotional and marketing tactics. Her clients include the Canadian Real Estate Association, the Canadian Construction Association, the Canadian Defense and Security Industries, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, and Minto Communities Canada.   

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  • Presenter at Engaging Associations
  • Member of the IAB Canada Agency Council
  • Named one of the youngest Media Directors in Canada at the age of 25




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