The Challenge

SOGC needed to communicate new, recently released information about all aspects of menstruation in a fulsome, inclusive website covering a woman's menstrual cycle from puberty to menopause (and everything in between.)

Just the facts:

We needed to talk about menstruation in a frank, honest, and informed way.

The Solution

The Website was created to give women up-to-date, expert information about their menstrual cycle from trusted medical professionals and added to the full suite of SOGC websites that offer accurate, factual and medical-based information presented in an easily consumed manner.

From the first period right through to menopause, answers vital questions like “When am I ovulating?”, “Is this bleeding normal?”, “When should I see a doctor?”


We wanted to remove the negative stigma or feelings of shame that is pervasive the minute the conversation turns to menstruation. We wanted to facilitate an open and direct conversation about a natural bodily function that no one should have to apologize for.

It’s 2018

Why are we still apologizing for our periods? Why are we still letting it be used as a shaming tool against women?”

The Results

The door had been opened to frank, honest conversation about the realities of women’s health. We chose to use the Facebook platform for promotion as it was the perfect place to encourage conversations. We created videos that acknowledged the not-so-great experiences of menstruation that not only caught the attention of users but also helped to normalize the unpleasant side effects of this very natural process. We jumped at the opportunity to reach an audience with an appetite to share their stories and amplify each other’s experiences. And that audience responded. We heard from women of all ages and walks of life as they spoke candidly with one another about the campaign.






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Comments were both positive and negative, but most importantly, it sparked engaged conversations.

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