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Building a Brand that’s Built for Results.

With notable clients like Loblaws, the Canada Revenue Agency, and Via Rail Canada, Ingenium Communications had led the charge in enterprise-communications consulting in Canada for well over a decade. Its flagship product, the Results Map® Handbook, offered a first-of-its-kind methodology for addressing even the most complex communications challenges. Hundreds of companies could testify.

With that kind of traction, the company needed to take its brand to the next level and compete globally. But, as a long-time partner, we knew it needed more than just a facelift – and the timing couldn’t have been better; Ingenium Communications was preparing to launch their new Results Map® System, the culmination of 20 years of research delivered via a ground-breaking set of knowledge products and learning content.

In short, its core offering had evolved, so its brand needed to, too.


A brand based on, and built for, results.

Alphabet® advised Ingenium Communications to retire its parent brand and go all in where the equity was: the Results Map® methodology. And, by modernizing the brand, we knew we could make it more accessible, exciting, and better aligned to the company’s calibre. That included bringing CEO and founder Caroline Kealey, a renowned communications strategist, to the forefront in both messaging and imagery, helping elevate Results Map's training and management consulting stream.

The result? A brand that’s based on results – exactly what Results Map delivers its customers. Honoring the user-friendly motifs of subway maps, the new design system uses junctures and journey lines to tell a compelling story. It’s a story of preparation, planning, implementation and evaluation – all the steps of the Results Map® framework that help communicators achieve their goals.

results map Best Strat results map Book Layout

Given Ingenium Communication’s brand equity, we retained the brand’s primary colour, blue, but modernized it to make a digital splash. As well, we added a fresh array of secondary colours to make the brand more dynamic and exciting. Lastly, we applied the new brand in designing the nine physical and digital guides that comprise the Results Map® System methodology.

Harmonizing the digital experience.

The new Results Map® System is more than just books. Customers also benefit from an online hub of rich tutorials and webinars and a unique peer-learning community. This digital value-add needed to be both beautiful and user-friendly – so we got to work.

Yellow Ring
kingston laptop Results Map Laptop

Alphabet® designed and developed the new Results Map website in its entirety. We built an adaptive digital environment in which users can seamlessly purchase a product subscription via Shopify, easily navigate content, and upgrade their packages as they see fit. We also assessed the company’s needs and implemented a new CRM tool to unify its customer data, which were previously siloed across a host of various tools.


A launch for the books.

We equipped Results Map with everything it needed, including targeted digital ads, to launch its new offering with a punch. The new brand, website, and digital overhaul came together harmoniously to position the brand as the industry leader it is, delivering customers a memorable and powerful user experience.

results map mobile

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