Josée Larente

Digital Project Coordinator


Adaptable, worldly, and enthusiastic – Josée is the perfect fit for the role of Digital Project Coordinator at Alphabet®. She brings an awareness of global social media trends and practices to the team, along with an ability to cultivate positive relationships with consumers and colleagues from various cultural backgrounds. She’s highly skilled in project management; she’s meticulous, detail-oriented, and her mind is wired for analytics.  

Josée is a graduate from Carleton University (honours), where she obtained her Bachelor of International Business with a concentration in marketing and global trade. She’s bilingual and her education led her across Canada, France, and Germany, giving her a broad knowledge of intercultural affairs. In 2020, Josée obtained Google Ad Search certification, and she successfully completed Surfer’s SEO Writing Masterclass in 2021. Notably, she is one of the esteemed creators of a national open-source database that informs policy and shapes an equitable future for youth facing urban issues in Canadian cities. 

At Alphabet®, Josée is involved in all our digital programs, including social media management, planning and scheduling ads, and generating comprehensive reports. She works alongside a wide range of clients, such as the Canadian Real Estate Association, the Canadian Electricity Association, and Tourism Kingston.


  • Bachelor of International Business, Honours; Concentration in Marketing & Global Trade
  • Google Ad Search Certified
  • Helped create an open-source database used to inform policy and shape an equitable future for youth facing urban issues in Canadian cities


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